Welcome to Caposteo, the website of Capucine Chapelier De Hesdin, BSc (Hons) Ost. , DO.capucinechapelierdehesdinosteo

Capucine is a french osteopath with 9 years of experience, practising in London, who graduated from a 5 years bilingual full time programme.

She studied at the  Center International d’Osteopathie (C.I.D.O) St Etienne, France and the European School of Osteopathy (E.S.O), Maidstone, Kent in a very intensive course leading to the Diploma in Osteopathy (DO) and the Bachelor in Science of Osteopathy (BSc Ost.).

She has been practising for 9 years in English and French, giving an extensive number of osteopathic treatments in London from the newborn to the elderly.

Capucine has international experience with helping adults suffering from repetitive strain injury, postural imbalance, lifestyle-related somatic dysfunctions. She’s also experienced in Osteopathy for babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, to assess mechanical dysfunctions.

Osteopathy can be helpful to assess & release some body asymmetries or areas of restricted mobility within the body before they affect the way your baby is crawling or sitting or walking. She has experience in Osteopathy for pregnant women and post partum women. She has also completed Continual Professional Development courses in Women’s Health Osteopathy.

Capucine has been teaching students and post graduates osteopaths for 2 years during International Seminars at the E.S.O in Fundamentals of Osteopathy, Principles, Philosophy, Peripheral Techniques, Spinal Techniques and Cranial Osteopathy.

She is fully registered with the GOsC and BOA; and registered with all major insurance companies, except BUPA & AXA.

To book an appointment with Capucine please call : +44 (0)203 011 0355

or send an email to: info@anamaya.co.uk

Osteopathy can support the natural recovery post delivery or help alleviate posture-related aches and pains by balancing the body’s biomechanics and addressing musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. Osteopathy is a holistic approach and a manual therapy based on principles.

Capucine uses gentle Osteopathic techniques to help her patients’ body to release muscle tensions.

The spectrum of techniques she uses ranges from Soft tissue techniques, General Osteopathic Treatment (G.O.T), Balanced Ligamentous Techniques (B.L.T), Myo-Fascial techniques, Cranio-Sacral techniques, Visceral techniques, Functional Release.